3. září 2011 v 16:58 | Duckiina^^ |  Diary
>This is what really can happen only to me!
>This is all I am!

So ... Yesterday, I had wanted to put a blog up :))..
So I finish the final details on the menu,
and those such crap .....
♥ Everything was done! ♥
But would it not me, I did not have anything to add;)
So here you want to paste the video .. I will put the video> Load> Save> peek at the blog and Tutududu!
All deleted :(((.. The whole menu, all the work, and nearly all the articles ....
Oh how I do it? :DDD :(...
So everything is deleted ... and I want to know if it's worth re-remake ...
I want a simple answer for you:
  • Cancel Blog?
  • Make it again and put it into operation?
The answer is you :))).... Thank you in advance ...;)
Your > Duckiina♥

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