The boy is a bastard... She not ♥

18. srpna 2011 v 19:20 | Duckiina^^ |  Diary
It was my little imperfect world... but i meet..... but then he came... and everything is different. Suddenly, just think of him, i remember how we were together outside... and then something happened... something beautiful.. and everything is like a dream ♥ To be implemented♥ And is even better here than he dreamed it....
But now it is a nightmare in which everything deteriorates, and from which I can not and I can not wake up ;(


Therefore, I am most grateful for her♥ for the my Nikolka♥
She's the one who was trying to wake from the nightmares♥
Friendship is more.... True friendship with you ever not divorce.... A true friend never tell your secrets... Nikča for me is true
With it go even better stuff♥

So, although I found that everything was a lie... >> With her, it can be done:))
Whenever there is a boy >> You're here and those♥

Nikolka, Thank you♥ >

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1 Nikolka)) Nikolka)) | 18. srpna 2011 v 19:31 | Reagovat

Jesus)) It is amazing <33 is a moron: X Fuck him! Tomorrow you simply will enjoy:) love you <3 "Thank you for you, thank you, that I met you! Thank you for everything:) You're a true friend! I've always you hold!: P I love you <3

2 Kleiset Kit Kleiset Kit | Web | 6. září 2011 v 18:30 | Reagovat

Oh, love problem? That is right, do not worry... The guy is probably from the Czech Republic is?

3 Duckiina^^ Duckiina^^ | Web | 6. září 2011 v 18:32 | Reagovat

Yes, unfortunately love problem:( I do not know if it will be fine, the worst is that it gives me some false hope. Yes, from the Czech Republic :D Otherwise, thank you ♥

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